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The GEO-WATER project is a process in which participating organisations learn from eachother and grow together. Just like the project itself, the website GEO-WATER is also growing.


School year 2015-2016 was all about exploring. In 2016 - 2017 projects will be carried out, which will deliver content for the website. In July 2017 this part of the website will be completed.

Project Week January 2018

Geo-Water Project – Handout - Gymnasium Haan

The “Städtisches Gymnasium Haan” is a so-called “Europaschule” with classes 5 to 12 and over 800 students and approximately 70 teachers.

Geo-Water Project:
Our school took part in the Geo-Water Project for the last three years (2016 – 2018).
The students of the 10 th grade were given a short commission about water by a partner in Haan. In 2016 and 2017 many students visited schools in the Netherlands and Czech Republic and worked together with the students of those schools.

All students of the 10 th grade worked out an expert report about the condition of the fire water supply in Haan. To learn more about themes like the water distribution, service areas and more, they made excursions to the fire brigade and the city department of public works and took

samples of the standing of the water for firefighting. Additionally, 5 students

visited a school in the Netherlands, meanwhile 5 students from the Czech Republic stayed

at our school in host families.

The students had to create a concept how to make the “Sandbach” of Haan more
attractive to citizens and to take care of the environment. Some ideas were: better seat
possibilities, more garbage cans, better walks beside the water or a playground. The
concepts were presented to the employer “BRW” (Bergisch Rheinisscher Wasserverband).
In this year students of Haan visited a school in the Czech Republic and students from the
Netherlands stayed one week in Haan.

This year only 15 students took part in the project. The problem we have to solve was
given by an elementary school: We had to animate the students to drink more tap water
under the motto “rethink your drink”.
After a survey at the elementary school we found out that the some students don ́t like tap
water only sparkling water, and that the kids had no good opportunities to refill their bottles. The washbasins were old and the only water dispenser stood in the cafeteria.To present our presentation attractivly for a second class all groups had the idea to device a mascot. The presentations also contained dialogues, role plays and informing videos which were self-taken. In the end of the project we realized that every group focused on different ideas and that all our

concepts perfectly matched together, so we developed one solution for our task including all three concepts:
- new washbasins in every classroom
- a water dispenser
- a water bottle for every single student
→ one group found one specific water bottle and made up a cooperation with the enterprise, so they could get them 50% cheaper
→ this bottle can be styled by the kids themselves an award system general drinking rules
material like videos, brochures, a workbook and the mascots were given to the elementary school to keep the information in the kids ́ minds.

Approximately a month after our presentation, we contacted the school to see if our work had made any change. One teacher had filmed the presentations and had shown this video to other classes. The school also bought a new water dispenser and allowed the kids to drink the tap water at school because we found out it doesn ́t include any poisonous ingredients.
There is already the effect that the kids are generally drinking more water at school, and particularly tap water. And to make this effect to last as long as possible, the school can show the kids the video and all the other material we produced.