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The GEO-WATER project is a process in which participating organisations learn from eachother and grow together. Just like the project itself, the website GEO-WATER is also growing.


School year 2015-2016 was all about exploring. In 2016 - 2017 projects will be carried out, which will deliver content for the website. In July 2017 this part of the website will be completed.

The successsive year of GEO-WATER project followed with the Exchange, since 27th – 31st March 2017, where our school visited Leiden in the Nederlands. Students working in groups of four – 2 Dutch, 1 Czech, 1 German, from another school involved in the project, cooperated together and their objective was to prepare a sketch for a flyer in which people will find the right answear about the most effective way to deal with the littering threat in the canals. In addition they tried to find out the impact of the litters, created from the markets small companies, on biotope and how to motivate people and industrial business so that the amount of littre ending up in the water would not make a threat for the canals.

During the whole week our students: Bára Kocourková, Natálie Kurčová, Soňa Ptáčníková, David Jeřela and Matěj Šafránek participated actively in the project and shared their experience with the others.


Since 7th – 13th April 2017 another Dutch school – Bolsward has been visiting us. Because our topic for the project is different than theirs, the students showed them how we measure the level of underground and surface water. Our objective is that through this measuring we can find out the effect of variations in surface water levels in the Elbe river on the fluctuation of the water table. In addition they have visited different business – Lach:Ner or Pilsen Urquell – and have done some research how careful and strict they are with water, in terms of not wasting it and finding different ways how to reduce the amount they use.


In the week of 11 to 16 June 2018, a final trip to the Dutch Gorredijk took place within the GEO-WATER project. In addition to our gymnasium and Nymburk High School of Health, pupils from Haan and Haselünne (Germany), Leiden and Bolsward (both the Netherlands) took part. The program included various water activities (kayaking, rope obstacles through the water canal), laboratory research in the so-called Wetsus (Leeuwarden Research Laboratory for Sustainable Water Technology) or visit to the Alde Feanen National Park in Friesland. The main event, however, was the final presentation of our three-year measurements at Leeuwarden's Congress Center on The effect of variations in surface water levels in the river Elbe on the fluctuation of the ground water. All presentations were in English. Our pupils, consisting of Vít BOUŘIL, Bára KOCOURKOVÁ, Jakub KOPECKÝ, Soňa PTÁČNÍKOVÁ (7A) and David JEŘELA (7B), did this very well. The expert committee was satisfied with the speech of our pupils and we received a certificate called Best idea on water safety.





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