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The project originated during a discussion about continuation of the GEO-WATER project between IVN and the main school partners and 'joiners' in September 2016. This discussion led to the establishment of the GEO-CONCEPT. The concept itself continues with the GEO-CIRCLE project about the circular economy in schoolyear 2017-2018.



Innovation in education

The GEO-CIRCLE project connects with current developments in the field of education of countries involved. GEO-CIRCLE uses the Schools for Sustainability method and the 8-C key competences. These competences are: curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, compassionate learning, confidence and citizenship.


The GEO-CIRCLE project encourages excellency and talent development of youths by means of solving problems concerning sustainability in relation with circular economy issues. With the help of partners from industry, council and education these current issues have been translated with aid of GEO-CIRCLE modules and “real-life” questions.


Internationalization is used as a tool to exchange good practice and to learn from each other. Within the GEO-CIRCLE project students work together on “real- life” questions with an international dimension. They interact with each other by social media and e-Twinning while discussing GEO-CIRCLE topics, processing challenges and answering questions in relation with the circular economy.