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02 februari 2017

Students Marne College meet minister Bussemaker

Anneke v.d. Werf and Dylan Terenstra - both students at Marne College - went to The Hague [Ministry of Education, Culture and Science] to pitch the project GEO-WATER. At the celebration of the 30 year anniversary of Erasmus+, minister Bussemaker introduced the GEO-WATER project as a good example of sector transcending Erasmus-projects.


Anneke and Dylan shared their experiences within the project with the minister and other influential representatives in the field of education. They also shared their opinions about how the project collaborates with social institutions and trade and industry in the Netherlands and abroad. And of course, their own learning experiences abroad were also shared. Marne College is very proud at a successful event, at the GEO-WATER project and - last but definitely not least - at their students!