An initiative of


A three-year international project under the ERASMUS PLUS program launched by the Dutch School in Bolsward

This project is funded every year by the European Union (€ 165,000 was earmarked)

The main objective and connecting theme is "WATER" - its quality, availability and quantity needed for life

The GEO-WATER project is a process in which participating organisations learn from eachother and grow together.


School year 2015-2016

was all about exploring. In our school was PROJECT DAY

On October 11, 2016 our school organized the Project Day. During the morning, our students visited a number of habitats located in the city and filled tasks there. Sometimes it was theoretical knowledge, elsewhere about the practical solution of given situations.

The whole event met with a great positive reaction not only from the students but also from the teachers.


School year 2016/2017

Gymnasium Haan, Germany


In the first week of May 2017 came our partner school from Haan in Germany. Our school visited 2 teachers and 5 students. During the week we worked hard on the project. The students tested water from the river Labe. We also visited many interesting places, for example the power station in Nymburk and the sewage treatment plant in Prague.


Holland, Marne College Bolsward


In the second week of May 2017 we visited our partner school in the town Bolsward in Holland. We were there 2 teachers and 5 students. The students worked on the project in 3 international groups. They tested for example the local water, solved the problem of building the dyke. The students presented the results for other students on Friday.