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Future oriented education via the GEO-WATER project stimulates pupils to research present day social issues and to think in possibilities rather than obstacles. The GEO-WATER project is not just future oriented, it is also about close cooperation between secondary schools in The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, corporate life, social institutions and local or regional government and municipalities.


GEO-WATER finds it rather important that - within secondary education - more attention is payed to sustainability in relation to water issues. The methodology used within the project is a framework for school subjects to work interdisciplinary, creating an environment in which students can differentiate and use higher order thinking skills as well as 21st century skills.


Within the project several transnational activities are organized for the management, coordinators and subject teachers of the main partners (schools and external partners). Documents with extensive background information about the project can be found in the main menu underneath 'Projectinfo'.


Seriously interested schools are invited to join us. On request they receive background information, in order to organize their own water (related) project.


Focus of the project


Within the GEO-WATER project, focus lies on several goals and guidelines. Learn more about them right here...

Main features

Main features

Pupils work on real assignments from real clients. Theme of the assignments is always water. Check here some examples...

Join us!

Join us!

If internationalization is a main focal point within your pre-university, general secondary and pre-vocational education...

GEO Water Conference 2018

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GEO Water Conference 2016

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